Tim Arbenz was educated in the United Kingdom, and after graduation gained significant practical experience working on high-profile, high-quality projects in both the United Kingdom and United States. Tim was a founding Principal of Mitz/Arbenz Associates (1984-1990) and established Tim Arbenz Architect in 1990. Arbenz has developed a diverse project portfolio varied in scale and type, including Master Planning, Institutional, Commercial, and Residential commissions. Reuse of and addition to existing structures has been central to the work of the company from the outset.

Arbenz has an in-depth understanding of planning, zoning, and building codes, and has functioned as a professional consultant to homeowners associations, law practices, and individuals – successfully representing his clients in their negotiations with various governmental authorities.


Architecture is a discipline that requires patience and perception. It is exacting and interesting because there is no single correct solution. A work of architecture must be uniquely suited to its location, be of its time and reflect its culture and technology. Synthesizing an appropriate design response must be based on a deep understanding and prioritization of the criteria.

My objective is to find an authentic and sustainable resolution to the disparate requirements, constraints and influences inherent in each design challenge. My working method is process oriented, allowing the project particulars to shape the outcome. Elegance of concept and execution are consistent, without resort to preconceived stylistic reference. Meaningful interaction with the Client, Consultants and Governmental Authorities during the formative process is crucial. The depth and quality of the interaction with the Client cannot be overestimated. Mutual understanding of the issues and thorough consideration of alternative design options is critical to the development of a resonant response.

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