Downtown L.A. Headquarters

The American Heart Association purchased this historic structure in downtown Los Angeles, to be developed as its Western Region Headquarters. The existing building  was a six story (one basement level) unreinforced masonry structure totaling 30,000sf, with long narrow floor plates. 

The project scope was to refurbish the building, upgrade all systems, and to provide space planning and full interior design services.  The project was developed on a fast track basis to meet the twelve-month schedule.  Design, Construction Documentation, and Cost Analysis were developed concurrently. 

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Removal of all dropped ceilings and an open plan arrangement optimized light penetration on the lower floors. On the upper two floors daylight was augmented by a two story atrium illuminated by a large central skylight.

The existing brick walls were stripped and cleaned, new exposed HVAC ducts and light fixtures were suspended from the underside of the floor or ceiling and electrical / telecommunications cabling was located under raised access floors, providing ease and flexibility for future layout changes and system upgrades. The completed work juxtaposes a spare, modern interior with the gritty masonry shell.