Pasadena, CA

A Master Plan for a Research and Development complex on 48 acres of inner city land, with associated complementary uses (hotel, commercial, retail, and associated parking).  The Master Plan establishes a framework for pedestrian, vehicular, and servicing systems related to phasing of the development, and seeks to integrate these systems with the existing urban fabric and to revitalize the area.

The challenge of the project is to re-introduce Research and Development (R&D) from the suburbs into the city.

The plan recommends minor modifications to the existing infrastructure to re-organize pedestrian and vehicular systems.  Also to improve service and interface with the surrounding use patterns.  It limits parcel sizes and develops a coherent framework of public and semi-public spaces of different sizes and uses which constitutes the connective tissue and establishes a human scale.

Limitation of parcel size and clear definition of infrastructure patterns allow for maximum development flexibility.  Multi-block “super development” has proven very inflexible in execution.  The Technopolis Master Plan is based on infrastructure (constant) not use (variable).  This allows handleable development components (4 acre increments) to respond to the vicissitudes of the market without loss of coherence of the whole.