Altadena, CA

The Courtyard House is sited on a prominent corner in the scenic Altadena foothills. A single story structure wraps around a generously proportioned, shaded courtyard, which seamlessly connects with adjacent interior spaces via sliding glass wall panels. Additional intimately scaled courtyards provide privacy and amenity for other interior uses.

The strong horizontality of the wall planes and overhanging hipped roof exhibit a distinctive Asian influence, which is echoed in refined details throughout the house, creating a serene, radiant and harmonious setting for the creation and display of the Owner’s paintings and artifacts.

The main living and entertaining spaces are located to the west, connecting the more private north and south wings of the house. The kitchen is at the center, set between (and opening to) the interior dining area to the west and the roofed exterior dining terrace to the east, serving practical and social functions equally.
The property slopes gently down from west to east and enjoys unobstructed views of the foothills to the north. It has been extensively re-landscaped with drought tolerant planting, retaining existing trees and xeric plants where possible and re-hardscaped, with a mix of permeable and impermeable hard surfacing, creating a climatically attuned, low maintenance setting for the house and exterior amenity spaces.