Old Town Pasadena, CA

Lather, a new company specializing in natural skin care and bathing products elected to establish its flagship store in a historic structure at the heart of Old Town Pasadena. The building has a long narrow floor plate with through circulation. Pedestrian access is from the north (Colorado Boulevard) and parking structure access from the south. The existing interior was somber and the masonry shell showed the scars of demolition, patching, exposed utilities and crudely fashioned steel seismic framing.

Exterior and interior surfaces were stripped of all extraneous finishes, cleaned and sealed. Contemporary environmental control systems, paneling and built in furnishings were inserted, but clearly differentiated from the selectively revealed historic shell. The most significant insert, was an indirect lighting system composed of translucent reflectors mounted in the upper part of the double height space, filtering natural light and reflecting artificial light sources, bathing the space in a diffuse glow throughout the day.

We developed the brand identity concurrent with the retail store design, resulting in an exceptional resonance between the container and the products displayed.