(Patent pending)

This table was fabricated from a reclaimed beam originally installed in a nineteenth century warehouse located in Seattle.  Solid 3” x 14” planks of varied lengths were cut from this beam and used for all horizontal and vertical members. Unlike a veneered piece, the true grain characteristic is revealed on all exposed faces. The seasoned old growth Douglas fir required no scarfing or bracing to counteract the “cupping” tendency of solid planks.

The horizontal planks forming the table top are clearly extremely heavy; however, they seem to float weightlessly above the vertical planks (legs), reading as separate unconnected members held in suspension. They are (of course) connected (and held apart) by two custom fabricated “built up” stainless steel plates. These plates are concealed; the horizontal (top) part is countersunk into the underside of the two horizontal planks forming the table top. The vertical part spans the gap between the planks and is embedded within the vertical planks forming the table legs.

The demountability inherent in this “kit of parts”, renders an extremely heavy and unwieldy piece highly mobile.